Hybrid Qualitative: Learn how to combine methodologies for super-powerful insights

Susan G. AbbottIlka Kuhagen

Susan G. Abbott (ARC Strategy Ltd.) Ilka Kuhagen (IKM)

With more than 70 million active internet users, and 61% using mobile devices to access the internet, Mexicans are increasingly engaging with the internet as consumers. As adoption continues to grow, now is the time for researchers to dive into the possibilities offered by online tools for game-changing insights.

Hybrid qualitative refers to combining methodologies for deeper insights. This can include multi-phase online studies, or combining online and offline approaches.

In this session, we will first take you through real-world projects that included multiple phases – some involving Mexican participants. Once you have an idea of what is possible, we will work through some real-world research design challenges to identify possibilities for wow results for clients. Learn how to take your research skills in design and moderation to a new level by incorporating hybrid and online approaches. This will be a hands-on session.

Importante: El taller será impartido en idioma INGLÉS
Camino Real Polanco, salón Taxco, Calz. Gral. Mariano Escobedo No. 700, Anzures, 11590
Ciudad de México

IDEAS AMAI 2018 - Ilka Kuhagen

IDEAS AMAI 2018 - Susan Abbott.