Online Qualitative: get in the moment with your participants anywhere, anytime

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Susan G. AbbottIlka Kuhagen

Susan G. Abbott (ARC Strategy Ltd.) Ilka Kuhagen (IKM)

Online qualitative methodologies were born with the first stirrings of the internet, in chat rooms. But they are all grown up now, and take a variety of forms. This session will cover the many tools that exist to conduct qualitative research using online and mobile tools, from bulletin boards and diaries to mobile ethnography. Illustrating with mini-case studies, you will be able to see the potential for online qualitative in your own practice. While many of the tools are purpose-built for researchers, there are also ways to use free, (or almost free) tools to achieve great results.

IDEAS AMAI 2018 - Ilka Kuhagen

IDEAS AMAI 2018 - Susan Abbott.